Web Design Case Study:


Type of Site: New Website

Stonelink, is a supplier and installer of granite worktops in Kent. They approached us to undertake a brand new website for them with 2 goals in mind:

1) Provide customers with an online catalogue of granite & quartz samples

2) Get more people in and around Kent to find them on Google.

The client had never had a website before and as such, very little content for a website other than their logo and access to their suppliers images galleries via a Google docs dump. The challenge was on!





The client had a Google docs dump of granite and quartz samples from their various suppliers which we had access to. They also provided their logo. No other images were supplied, so we scoured their Social channels to see what we could find that was suitable. In addition, we uti;ised stock photos and video (the home page image that provides a very classy intro to the website).



As is the case with many clients, when the client decided they wanted to go ahead with their website (which was some months after initially quoting them), they wanted it done quickly. wink

With over 25 years experience, this is not a problem for us and despite the large number of images supplied in the Google docs, we were able to complete the project in 10 days.

Scope of Work

The client wanted a website that could assist their clients in being able to view the various quartz and granite types they are able to supply from their various suppliers. We had to provide this in a way that is both easy to navigate and find as well as load quicky. These were both achieved.

Challenges & Solutions

Content: Again, as is often the case, the client had no copy (text) for the website as this was their first time of creating one. Once we had identified the sections required we created the relevant content for them (with the assistance of tweaked AI generated content).
Visuals: To give the website the upmarket aesthetic appeal it has, we included stock video on the home page as well as some stock photos to represent the various sections.
Samples Catalogue: We divided the quartz & granite samples into supplier categoriesand created a multi-sort image gallery from these. The client budget did not allow for image editing so we used the images as supplied.

Budget & Cost Management

As a startup, the client had a limited budget. They opted for one of our standard bundle packages and we added some extra cost for the additional images supplied. The website costs the client less than £100 per month (including amortisation of the initial build over 24 months, as well as hosting, security and business email).

Project Impact & SEO

The client was very pleased with the final product (view their testimonial below). Since the client’s goal was to generate more business from their website, we are also undertaking SEO on the website to rank the client for the following phrases: granite worktops in kent; quartz worktops in kent; granite worktops in canterbury; quartz worktops in canterbury

We recently had our website and SEO work done and are extremely happy with the service. Would highly recommend Canterbury Website Design & SEO

Matthew Pithers

Owner, Stonelink

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