SEO Services Canterbury: We specialise in search engine optimising websites belonging to small and medium sized businesses who want to get more business leads from the local area in which they operate.

We can, through our time and volume proven search engine strategies,  get you organically onto the first page of Google. Below are some of our SEO for small business 2018 packages for the UK; how much they cost and what you get for your money. If you have any questions, please do drop us an email and we’ll clarify things further for you.

Why are SEO packages for small business important, especially in 2018?

1) Unlike other forms of advertising, getting your website onto the first page of Google organically allows you to compete with your (potentially) much bigger competitors that have much bigger marketing budgets than you do. SEO is not about quantity, its about quality and our SEO strategies have been tried, tested and are continually tweaked to make sure we stay on top of our game so that we can keep your website on the first page of Google.

2) It allows people in your village, town, city or county to find you and do business, even if they’ve never heard of you through other advertising methods (that are usually very expensive and don’t provide any truly measurable feedback to you). Our SEO marketing process does!

SEO Services Canterbury – leveling the playing fields!

SEO Services Canterbury