Reporting Keyword-Stuffed Google Business Profiles


Why We Fight the Good Fight

We take our clients’ Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) optimisation seriously.

It’s a cornerstone of local SEO, helping businesses connect with potential customers searching nearby. But a shady tactic – keyword stuffing in business names – threatens the very core of this system. That’s why we take an active stance in looking for and reporting these offenders!


Website Design for Small Businesses
Why Keyword Stuffing Hurts Everyone

Imagine searching for a plumber and seeing listings like “24/7 Leak Repair Plumbing Services” or “Best Discounted Plumbers in Town”.

These names, laden with keywords, offer no real information about the business itself. They also give that company an unfair advantage on Google because keywords are a definite ranking factor.  So this hurts legitimate businesses like yours.


    How We Help Our Clients Through Reporting

    We believe in a fair playing field. By reporting keyword-stuffed listings, we contribute to a cleaner, more user-friendly search environment. This benefits everyone, including our clients:

      Improved Local Ranking: When Google removes irrelevant, keyword-stuffed listings, the competition thins out. This naturally improves the visibility of genuine businesses like yours in the local search results.

      Enhanced User Trust: When search results prioritise clear, informative names, users are more likely to trust the displayed businesses, increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.

      Sustainable SEO Strategy: A focus on user experience and accurate information is key to long-term SEO success. By reporting misleading practices, we build a stronger foundation for your local SEO efforts.


        Need help? Have a look at our Affordable SEO Packages

        * SEO Setup fee

        All SEO packages shown above have an additional once-off setup fee. The setup fee is: £295 + £50 per website landing page

        eg: if you choose the Gold Package, the setup fee will be £295 + (4 x £50) = £495

        SEO Audit & Strategy fee

        Our SEO audit is a thorough examination of your online presence conducted by our team of skilled professionals using state-of-the-art third-party software resources. This process takes time, expertise, and yes, investment. as such, we charge a fee for our SEO audit and strategy services. However, if you choose to go ahead within 4 months of this, this fee will be deducted from our advertised SEO setup fee.

        The fee is £75+VAT for the Silver, Gold & Platinum packages, and £175+VAT for the Diamond Package

        Read more about this here.

        What's included in our Local Setup fee?

        Our setup fee includes a number of vital SEO elements that ensure we create a strong SEO foundation for you that will yield results as quickly as possible. These include:

        • Full SEO Audit
        • Keyword Research
        • Google Business Profile Optimisation
        • Creation of new website pages including geotagged images and content, with focus on targeted keywords (quantity based on package chosen)
        • On-page technical SEO for new keyword landing pages
        • Sitemap Creation
        • Manual submission of sitemap to Google for expedited indexing
        • Manual submission of all new keyword URLs to Google for expedited indexing